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Healthy is the normal body condition of a person who is part of the right to live and the grace of God that must be preserved. Healthy is associated with the natural law that plays a role in managing the soul and body. Living in a clean environment with fresh air, get enough sunshine, maintain a balanced diet, and work and activities according to the recommended time, it turns out not enough to meet healthy standards. Humans still need to enjoy a relaxing period, rest and sleep enough. More than that, keeping the heart to keep happily is a necessity. That is, healthy humans need a balanced life.

World Health Organization (WHO) say that HEALTHY is a state of physical, mental, and physical condition social welfare which is a unity and not just free from disease or disability.


Vision and Mission


Leading in the global network marketing business in the field of health technology.


* Opens business opportunities and builds a vast and powerful network through transformational leadership.
* Marketing quality and high-tech products, international standard, and competitive in local and foreign markets.
* Creating market team synergy by promoting responsible, competent, reliable, competitive and dynamic ethos of work.
* Improving the welfare and quality of human resources through training and human resource development programmed and professional in a solid work team.

Albert Einstein

The genius of a world scientist inspired our business. Starting from the presence of a business imagination buried a dozen years old, sustained by a strong spirit and determination of steel, now our dreams come true. We are in the business arena of direct sales network in Indonesia with the main focus as a provider and marketer of state-of-the-art healthcare devices for your healing, health and happiness solutions.

PT BIO GENIO INTERNATIONAL is a national company in cooperation with business partners from Russia. Our company gains full trust and official license to manage the sales and distribution of GENIO.ONE throughout Indonesia to the ASEAN countries. This course is a bold step and a form of business innovation that accompanies our commitment to delivering the best total healthcare solution for all of us.



Everyone always asks, how long my parents will survive, how long will I still be young, healthy and active, and how to live life without physical suffering (sick)

The answer to this difficult question is also asked and sought by Russian scientists from the Institute of Energy Biotechnology Russia. Since 2005 the agency has been involved in research in prolonging life and activating the super human body ability to stay healthy. The fundamental research done over the decades aims to help people today. The director of the Institute and colleagues conducted research, development and production of high-performance therapeutic devices, and it has been used for 5 years and has resulted in many changes for its users worldwide.

GENIO.ONE is created using high technology based on scientific research from experts, and has passed all testing, examination and certification, and is recognized by world health agencies in Europe, America and Asia.GENIO.ONE has also been licensed and protected by patent. This device will help everyone who uses it to restore and maintain health, so they are always healthy and happy.

Sergey V. Solovev — Founder Genio.One